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Air conditioners and heatpumps are rated in SEER-Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (heatpumps are just air conditioners that can flow freon in both directions).

The heating operation of a heatpump is rated in HSPF-Heating Season Performance Factor.

Since SEER and HSPF usually follow each other closely, here are some simple rules of thumb about air conditioning usage. 

A good rule of thumb when considering what SEER unit to buy, is for each number you increase, you lower your operating cost about 10%. And remember, think "HEATPUMP."

ALSO NOTE:  If your A/C unit is more than 12 years old, it may be only an 8 or 9 SEER.

Should you need information on "Geothermal Heatpumps", what many claim to be one of the premier forms of heating and cooling, contact your local dealer or Rusk County Electric Cooperative.

One of the best ways to control electrical energy cost is when you purchase your unit. Buy the right one for you, as high efficiency as you can afford to get your desired results.

Click on the attachment below to see the efficiency ratings

AC Efficiency Ratings